Newborn Baby Dies After Father Fractures Her Skull

According to police, an infant whose father allegedly slammed her onto the floor has died from a fractured skull.

The three-month-old newborn was discovered at an address in the 8000 block of Hamilton Avenue in the Cincinnati suburb of Mount Healthy, Ohio after the assault by her father, James Phillips', 35.

According to the Daily Mail, Ted Copas, a neighbor, said the baby's mother came outside begging for help.

Investigators said that the baby's mother was at the library with a friend when the incident happened.
Copas then called 911 and immediately start CPR on the infant.

"I didn't know what to do so I just started doing CPR on the baby and I could get her eyes to open a little bit and then they would shut right back roll back into her head," said Copas.

Hamilton County sheriff's officials said they found that the infant was not breathing when they responded to the 911 call on Saturday.

Court documents reveal that Phillips allegedly admitted slamming the baby down onto her back. He also said that she began to vomit and gasp for air.

The baby had been transported to Children's Hospital on Saturday night after being admitted with skull fractures. She was kept on a ventilator, but died from her injuries the next day.

Phillips was arrested on Saturday on felonious assault and child endangering charges, according to court records and sheriff's officials.

Devastated neighbors were in shock after hearing about the tragic loss of life.

"That's not human, especially for a three-month-old baby -- that's not human. For a grown man to literally hurt a three-month-old child," Copas stated.

"My children are my life, I can't see why anybody would do something like this to their child, it's such a sad day," Another neighbor, David Webster said. "We have to protect our children, at all costs. Nobody is immune from justice when it comes from hurting children."

According to authorities, Phillips was arraigned on Monday and held on $4 million bond, $2 million on each of his existing charges.