Newlyweds take guests on Toys for Tots shopping spree

Usually after a bride and groom say, "I Do," they have a reception, but one Florida couple had a surprise for their guests.

Brad and Jessica Bond tied the knot over the weekend in the Orlando-area. The Bonds had a tradition of shopping for the Toys for Tots program, and they wanted to share that tradition with their guests. The couple gave their guests $10 gift cards to purchase toys for the program.

Brad tells FOX 13 their first date was going shopping for Toys for Tots. It was fitting that their first act as husband and wife was to do the same. Everyone immediately headed to a nearby Target, even Jessica, fully dressed in her wedding gown.

"She absolutely lit up when I (suggested) it," he said. "She's a keeper for sure."

He said the guests thought he was joking at first when the couple made the announcement. When vans pulled to transport the guests, they realized it was not.

"It was a great experience," Brad explained. "So many of the guests said it was something they planned to continue doing with their children, which was the goal - to see that good in people."