NJ police officer faces drug-dealing charges

PATERSON, N.J. (AP) - A New Jersey police officer is facing drug-dealing charges, including one instance where he allegedly met with a person inside his police vehicle.

Ruben McAusland, a 26-year-old Paterson resident who serves on the city's force, was arrested Friday morning by federal agents and was scheduled to make his initial court appearance later in the day. He's charged with distributing drugs and possessing them with intent to distribute.

Federal prosecutors say McAusland has distributed heroin, crack cocaine, powder cocaine and marijuana on multiple occasions since October 2017. They say he sold the drugs to a person who was cooperating with law enforcement.

On one occasion in February, authorities say McAusland met with the person in his police vehicle in a supermarket parking lot near Paterson police headquarters.

It's not known if McAusland has retained an attorney.