North Philadelphia entrepreneur using tragedy to build hope and light for her community

A young entrepreneur in North Philadelphia, inspired by personal tragedy, is on a mission to improve the community and be a positive role model.

The opening of Nae’s Beauty Bar holds so much meaning for 22-year-old Janae Hunter. After her brother I-Zeem was murdered three years ago, just days before she graduated from beauty school.

She felt defeated and depressed, but vowed to make a real difference in his honor.

"He is very proud of me. This is exactly what he would’ve wanted me to do to give back to my community. To give back to anybody that I can and to just be successful!" Janae said.

Janae has hired nine young women from the neighborhood to work in the salon and hopes to be a true inspiration.

"My son, if he was here, he’d be right beside her. He’d be right beside her, ‘Go Nae, go!’ like, whatever it takes for her to get where she needs to be," Janae’s mom, Kim Hunter, stated.

Nae’s Beauty Bar opens to the public Monday and Janae hopes to hire even more young women to work in the salon.