North Wildwood police officer honors Philadelphia Police SWAT Sergeant James O'Connor

Photo: North Wildwood Police Department

A North Wildwood police officer paid his respects to Philadelphia Police SWAT Officer Sergeant James O'Connor at a bench along the boardwalk dedicated to the fallen hero.

SWAT Sergeant James O’Connor was killed in the line of duty on March 13 and his funeral was postponed due to increasing concerns of the COVID-19 disease.  A special procession by the Philadelphia Police Department was held in March. 

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North Wildwood Police Department shared the photo of the officer honoring O'Conner on Tuesday at the bench located at 17th and Boardwalk. 

Sergeant James O'Connor, 46, was a member of the SWAT team of the Philadelphia Police Department. He was a 23-year veteran of the police department and had spent 15 years in SWAT. 

He leaves behind a wife and two children. One of his children serves in a separate district on the police and his daughter serves in the Air Force. 


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