Northampton County man in need of kidney

A Northampton County man is hopeful one of his friends and neighbors will step up. He dished out hot dogs at Jimmy's Hot Dogs in Easton for decades and now his family is putting in an order of their own to get him a kidney he so desperately needs. 

For the past 25 years, Jimmy Apostolopoulos fed people at Jimmy's Hot Dogs in Easton, Pa. The now 51-year-old served up hot dogs and a smile at the popular takeout spot before his family sold their interest in 2016.

"I loved being part of the business cause I got to meet people that they came back to it as part of their growing up, their nostalgia," Jimmy told FOX 29.

Everyone loved the hot dogs and Jimmy. Now, this father of two and dog lover needs the help of the community that embraced him for so many years. Jimmy needs a kidney.  He was diagnosed with kidney disease in January 2016 and his condition is rapidly deteriorating.

"Something about the Easton people. Easton is a community that is like no other I've ever seen. They are a strong-knit group. They support each other, they help each other," Jimmy said.

Jimmy's wife is cooking up all kinds of ways to find him a kidney. She started a Facebook page, she's ordering T-shirts, business cards and plastering flyers everywhere even the family car is advertising Jimmy needs a kidney.

Heather Apostolopoulos says friends, former students, even complete strangers are seeing her plea for a kidney and getting tested.

Jimmy says he's also using his fight to draw attention to the importance of organ donation and hopes to save more than just his own life.

"If I can use myself to help others that's what I'm gonna do because it's not just about me it's about others in need," Jimmy said.

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