Not your common thief: This one after bread, not dough

A video showing a husky dog stealing a loaf of bread from a dollar store in California, has gone viral after police shared it to Facebook.

The surveillance footage, recorded last Wednesday, shows a husky dog trying to leave the store with a loaf of bread in his mouth before a man pulls him back. Then, the dog escapes his grip and joyfully hops out of the store and into the darkness.

"The suspect was able to avoid apprehension and escaped on all fours out the front doors. The suspect is described as: a white and grey Husky last seen carrying a loaf of bread," Shafter Police Department wrote on Facebook alongside the video.

In a second Facebook post, the police near Bakersfield provided an update on the husky's status, explaining the husky was caught a block away while its "accomplice" was caught on site.

"They are currently in custody with our friends at Shafter Critters. Please contact them to claim your pets," it said.

The video was published on Facebook on Friday and quickly gained traction, having received 73,000 views and 952 shares at the time of writing.