Officer returns to work after battling multiple sclerosis

She thought her career as a police officer was over in 2012 when she learned she had multiple sclerosis. But she never gave up hope of once again helping people and on Monday she was back in uniform.

The day after officer Sheli Godbold found out she had multiple sclerosis she started praying she could return to the force.

"I was determined I was going to get this badge back," Godbold said.

Godbold worked for the Euless Police Department for 10 years. She was on patrol April 24, 2012 when she had what seemed like a stroke.

A year later Godbold was in Moscow getting stem cell treatment -- it stops MS from progressing.

"I was in a wheelchair when I went donated my wheelchair to the hospital in Russia and came back and started working out trying to get better," Godbold said.

Officer Godbold now runs several miles a day, works out and participates in mud runs and other fundraisers for MS.

A few weeks ago she applied for a dispatcher's job with the Pantego Police Department.

"Honestly I didn't think anybody would hire me back on patrol right now," Godbold said.

But Pantego PD Assistant Chief Barry Reeves asked her if she would like to take a patrol position.

"She was wearing sunglasses, so I couldn't see the tear fall," Reeves said. "I know she was extremely excited."

Godbold was overcome with emotion.

"I've only cried a couple of times as a police officer and that was one of them," she said.

Godbold will ride with Field Training Officer Stephen Meinke for about 3 months before she back on her own -- back to the life she thought was gone forever.

"I know I'm out here for a purpose again I lost my purpose when I had my attack I've got my purpose back," she said.