Officers shoot, wound man armed with knife in Juniata

An investigation is under way after Philadelphia Police shot a man they say approached them with a knife, Thursday night.

The 54-year-old man is in critical condition following the incident on the 3800 block of Elsinore Street around 10:30 p.m.

Officers say the man appeared drunk, and had been trying to stab himself with a large knife. Police were trying to keep him from harming himself and deployed tasers to try and stop him.

Investigators say the tasers were ineffective and the situation escalated quickly, and the man made his way towards officers when they discharged their firearms.

"The male makes it to the front door and begins to violently slam the door, rips it off its hinges. At some point the male exits off the front door of the property with this large knife, makes his way towards the officers and the officers discharge their weapon," Lt. Stanford explained.

The man is listed in critical condition and is being treated for gunshot wounds to his torso, after being transported to Temple University Hospital by medics.

The officers involved are being placed on administrative duty, pending the investigation.