Officials: Hit list found in bathroom at New Jersey middle school

Parents and children are stunned after a shocking discovery was made at a local middle school.

"I know that somebody was writing in the bathroom. they closed one of the bathrooms," said 11-year- old Kylah Goly. She's talking about an unnerving incident at her school Grice Middle in Hamilton Township. Someone wrote graffiti on a partition wall in the bathroom. It included the words 'hit list', along with 14 names. Kylah is a 6th grader there.

"They reassured us that we were safe and stuff. They made sure that we were like ok and the kids that their names were written down they were sent home," said Kylah. Her mother Melissa says she was notified about the incident in an automated phone call from school officials.

"I was definitely shocked. I mean the way things are turning out right now in the world it's kind of not surprising," said Melissa. She says she doesn't know the details of what happened but she reminded her daughter of one important thing.

"Just to make sure that you're always nice to other kids, try not to engage in bullying and making fun of other children," she said.

The threat was found Thursday. Ann Marie Blaty says it's scary for her because her 9-year-old daughter Mia will be going to Grice soon and she doesn't want her to be afraid.

"I think the parents should be more responsible for the children in the roles they take in the household to prevent something like this from happening," said Blaty.

The Superintendent of the School District released a statement about what happened. It reads in part, "These situations are always taken seriously and we appreciate the excellent working relationship we have with the Hamilton Police Department. If the individual who wrote on the wall is identified, the appropriate disciplinary and legal actions will be taken."

Melissa says she's confident the school will handle the issue.

"Every parent is going to worry no matter what but I'm glad she's home. I'm glad she's safe."