Oldest log cabin in U.S. can be yours for $3M

GIBBSTOWN, NJ (CHASING NEWS) -- The oldest log cabin on the North American continent is 379 years old. And it can be yours for $2.9 million.

Built by Finnish craftsmen in 1638, the Nofnagle Cabin in Gibbstown, Gloucester County, South Jersey, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Harry and Doris Rink have owned the house since 1968.

"We were married actually here in the log cabin," Doris Rink said.

Harry, an engineer by trade, has meticulously kept the house preserved just as it was almost 400 years ago.

We found some fascinating artifacts inside, including a 300-year-old shoes, a Quaker boy's hat from the mid-1700s, and what could have been the first crossfit kettlebell -- actually a well weight.

At only 16 feet by 22 feet -- 352 square feet -- the house is said to have housed eight people at a time. Children would climb up into the loft to sleep while adults pulled out bed rolls on the floor.

The house is being sold along with antiques and artifacts, according to real estate agent Christina Huang.

"The Rinks are requiring a life estate which means that they'll stay here, be curators, take care of the property, continue their tours and welcome visitors," Huang said.

Tours are free, and the Rinks want the new owners to keep it that way.

For more info or to book a tour call 856-423-0916.