Outrage as Kids Ride Atop Minivan While Parents Tour Christmas Decorations

A video taken this week in a Texas neighborhood popular for its Christmas decorations has locals furious because it shows what are presumably some sightseeing parents driving a vehicle while their kids ride on top.

Jeremy Barron was taking in the sights at a League City area known for its ornate Christmas setups when he was astounded by something, and it wasn't a blow-up Santa Claus.

"As I passed by them I saw the kids sitting on the roof and it just blew my mind," Barron told KTRK.

Barron happened to record the encounter on video. He's since uploaded the footage to YouTube and now parents everywhere are sharing his astonishment.

I can't believe someone just put their kids on the roof of a car and just drive thru the neighborhood like that. It's insane," he said.

Barron said two adults were inside the van and what appeared to be three kids on top. He could not be sure if they were somehow fastened on to the vehicle's roof.

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