Pa. House of Democrats do the ‘Whip' and ‘Nae-Nae'

Harrisbug, Pa. (WTXF) Who says politicians don't have any moves? Seven Pennsylvania House Democrats took on the wildly popular 'Whip' and 'Nae-Nae' dance.

Chances are your kids know it and the video is called "for the kids." It's designed to get people talking about state education spending. But instead, many are wondering why they did it.

"Your job is to make sure they have enough money to get pencils and paper and that you're not closing 26 schools down in the city. That's your job, so your job is not the 'Nae- Nae.' You're job is to sit at a table, and sign some papers and make some decisions," one person told FOX 29.

The video included four house members from the Philadelphia area cutting a rug who say they want to stop school budget cuts that could harm the already struggling city school district. The local reps were not available for on camera interviews. Dauphin County Rep Patty Kim came up with the idea and paid for it with her own campaign cash.

"This is a policy issue, it's a political issue and I used political money to send my message; our message in doing that," she explained.

The video was taken offline not long after we started asking questions. The 'Nae-Nae' dance is just one of the few things emerging from a weeks-long state budget showdown.

"I think it's a positive thing that the politicians is you know, showing support for the schools," said one person.

"Plenty of problems in the world but are you going to focus on doing the 'Nae Nae?'Or are you going to focus on fixing stuff. You know what I mean?" said another.