Pa. lawmakers call for ban on chokeholds

State legislature appears poised to approve a ban on the use of chokehold maneuvers by police across Pennsylvania.

A bill sponsored by State Sen. Sharif Street and backed by Attorney General Josh Shapiro was sent to the full senate Monday and could be voted on Wednesday.

"There's a national outrage about the use of these techniques, so they should be outlawed," Street told FOX 29.

The house could give final passage next week, then chokeholds would be prohibited "except in cases in which deadly force is authorized."

Chief George McClay oversees 20 officers in Morrisville, Bucks County. He has issued a strong directive barring chokeholds.

"Except in extreme circumstances where an officer's life is in danger and it's his last known resort," he said.

Chief McClay also went a step further issuing another directive on excessive use of force.

"The officer has to report, stop and intervene at anytime an officer is using too much force," McClay said.



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