Parents fight for special education students to be taught in standard classrooms

Parents in the Wissahickon School District are fighting for special education students to be taught in standard classrooms.

"The parents in this room can tell you over and over how the district fails with the students that need a more individualized education," parent Christine Delaurentis said.

The complaints come as the board prepared to vote on next year's school budget that includes a plan to close the three special education classrooms at one elementary school and rebuild them at another. These parents say special segregated classrooms for their children aren't the answer. They say their kids would we be much better served in standard classrooms.  

Among those speaking, Jenna Pando, whose parents filed a lawsuit to keep her in general classes. She just graduated high school and isn't stopping there.

"I will go to East Stroudsburg," she said.

The board voted to approve the budget as-is.  The president says he hears parents concerns and will continue working with them.

"On a whole, the district does a good job tailoring special ed program and services to each individual kid's needs, but I don't doubt in maybe some specific incidences there may be some challenges," Joe Antonio said. "Those things that we should try to collaborate with parents."