Parents flawlessly recreate daughter's selfies with boyfriend

A young woman's parents are a hit on social media after they recreated their daughter's selfies with her boyfriend.

Emily Musson and her boyfriend Johnny have taken many selfies together and recently she uploaded a collage of them to Facebook.

Musson's parents noticed the pictures, and obviously took a liking to them because they recreated them flawlessly.

Probably a bit annoyed at her parents, Musson reposted the photos to Twitter on September 8, where they so far have been retweeted more than 100,000 times.

She captioned the photos, "My parents r [sic] actually on drugs or something."

And after the rave reaction she got, she posted another tweet expressing her disbelief that the pictures were that funny.

"I mean I guess this is funny but not like over 30k favs funny," she wrote.

Musson, who is in college, spoke to Buzzfeed News and said that she would have expected the recreation from her mom, but not so much from her dad.

"My dad is sort of conservative so it's interesting she got him to participate," she said.

She called the social media attention "crazy" and her parents and boyfriend haven't even had the opportunity to meet yet.

"Poor kid," she told Buzzfeed.