Parents question what happened to little league fundraising money in Delran

Thousands of dollars can go a long way in kids' sports, so when money goes missing it's a big deal. It's an even bigger issue when no one seems entirely sure what happened to the cash.

The baseball diamonds where the Delran Bears U-12 boys baseball team played during their successful 2019 season may be dark and empty, but the team is still drawing a lot of attention even in the offseason.

Ken Baumann is one of several team parents trying to get to the bottom of where thousands of dollars in funds raised for the team was spent this past season.

"There was a lot of talk starting up in Cooperstown about some funds. Where was all the fundraising money that we made?" he said.

The team and the Delran Athletic Association held several fundraisers to support the 12 players on the team and their trip to Cooperstown to play in a big tournament there. However, questions came up about how much was actually raised and where the money went.

"One of the disconnects was we thought the money missing might be a little higher. They probably think it's a little lower. It comes down to what you can prove, so I think that's where we're at now and I believe they turned it over to the police," Baumann said.

A spokesman for the Delran Athletic Association says the results of their investigation and documents were in fact turned over to Delran police. The board will meet with parents again Tuesday night to gather further information and talk about what went on with the money. The spokesman told FOX  29 "We want everything done right for the kids."

"I've lost more sleep than I care to over the last few months," Baumann said. "If the investigation can be done thoroughly by a third party that's not involved that's all we want is answers."

A spokesman for the association would not go on camera and the president of the board was unavailable for comment.