Parking problems at Bedminster Elementary School

"Well there's nowhere else to go, there's nothing else to do and everyone is coming down into one area at the same time," said Barb Wagenmann who usually shows up a half hour early to pick up her son Zack here at Bedminster Elementary School.

"Because there's no place to go when you're picking up one kid and you're going to the next school to get the next one. There's a 15 minute interval," said Wagenmann. But her routine will have to change. The Township Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance last week making Center road next to the school a no parking zone and forbidding parents from showing up before dismissal time.

"It became a dangerous situation especially backed up down to the far intersection," said Bedminster Police Chief Mark Ofner who calls it a safety issue. He says 20 TO 40 cars would be lined up along this narrow road. It's only 16 feet wide, with ditches along both sides and it doesn't have a shoulder.

"We want to prevent an accident out here especially since the majority of these vehicles have children in them," said Chief Ofner.

Some who live in the neighborhood say it's frustrating to get around.

Especially for Michael Golden who drives a dump truck and lives on the street.

"I usually have to drive on the grass or stop and let people go by," said Golden.

Rudy Berzines drives this road to get home too.

"You'd go to get around them on the left side of the car and people would be pulling out of the school turning left thinking every car there is just going into the school. That's not the case. A lot of us were coming straight on," said Berzines.

Parents who continue to show up early could face fines.

"Everybody really does want to do the right thing but there aren't a whole lot of alternatives," said Wagenmann.

Police say if the line of cars backs up trying to get into the parking lot to pick up kids, they ask that parents circle the block until they are able to pull right in. In the coming weeks signs will be posted reminding parents of the no parking zone.