Suspected ringleader of group behind assaults in Haverford Township charged

The suspected ringleader of a group of Delaware County teenagers accused of assaulting other teens in videos posted to the internet has been charged. 

FOX 29's Kelly Rule reports that unnamed teen was sent to juvenile detention Thursday on a number of charges, including robbery, assault, terroristic threats and unlawful restraint.

The charges come after a video showing a group of teens surrounding and assaulting a freshman boy near the Skatium on Darby Road on Sunday night.

"It hurts me, because, ten on one is a bad situation," said Joe Walker, a parent of the assaulted teen. "He got out of it unscathed, not hurt, but you know the ‘what ifs,’ what could have happened?"


Haverford Township Police say they are also investigating similar group assaults last Friday near the Wawa on Darby Road. They are encouraging other victims to come forward. 

"Parents and guardians should communicate with their children, knowing where they are and what they are doing," police wrote on their Twitter page. 

"I think the kids are afraid to come forward because of the consequences and threats that are happening, so we just feel that it’s time to take Havertown back," Jenn Brennan said.