People brave chilly night air in a first taste of winter at Philadelphia's Dilworth Park

Folks are bundling up Friday night, as the chill has set in for the weekend.

Kerri Marussich commented, "I hate the cold weather, so I came prepared today."

At Philadelphia's Dilworth Park, most skaters showed up ready for the cold. All except one man from New York.

"I should not be doing this, but you know I am just having fun," Chris Hughes said.


"Does your mother know you are wearing a T-shirt in this weather?" FOX 29’s Ellen Kolodziej asked.

"No and she would absolutely freak out, I’ll tell you that, so let’s just keep that between me and you!" Hughes replied.

"It’s bristelly cold. It was like ‘Fool you’ weather, these past couple days, that’s why I’m still dressed like this. I’m still dressed for, like, a week ago," Allen Parker explained.

Parker wasn’t ready for the dip in the thermometer, but he and little Mila Parker’s mom made sure was all bundled up.

"I put on a coat, a sweater, a hat to make sure she’s warm," mom Jafantasie Colbert remarked. "Because, I don’t want her to get sick and be cold, because it’s freezing out here!"

And, Bjorn, the dog’s owners are making sure they all stay toasty Friday night.

"It was so cold, I figured I needed to put a jacket on him. I felt a little ridiculous, but he came up from Tennessee as a rescue, so I don’t know if he’s used to the cold," Hannah Christianson explained why Bjorn the dog was wearing a coat.

"I have some great, hot mulled wine here. Fantastic, from Chadds Ford Winery. It’s a great little place here, at Dilworth Park," Sean Eaton-Robb said.

"And, it’s helping?" Kolodziej asked.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, it’s keeping the hands warm."