People flock to find safe glasses to watch eclipse

A lot of people are excited to check out the eclipse but experts say it's important to properly shield your eyes when watching the much anticipated spectacle. No matter how dark it may get it's still harmful to stare directly at the sun.

They aren't stylish per say but special shades are burning up the market just days before the total solar eclipse.FOX 29 obtained a few of pupil protectors but discovered a trend. Many eye centers in our area do not want to confirm whether they have any left foreseeing a last minute stampede.

Doctor Sukumar Pandit says he's been getting slammed with calls at the Philadelphia Eyeglass Labs in Center City. "We have one left. Not for sale I'm keeping it.

Adele Wu is one of the patients here. She got a look at the NASA approved gear and looked into the light on our camera.

"I see the dot over there. It's pretty dim and I can see pretty clear the five or six lights in there but not anything else."

The Franklin Institute says its store sold out. On eBay, we found 50 sets for 500 buck--not exactly a bargain.

In the meantime, many say they are intrigued by the rare scientific event but they're not obsessed.