People remain cautious during St. Patrick's Day celebrations

COVID restrictions went into place right before St Patrick’s Day a year ago. Now, just in time for the holiday, restrictions are easing, building occupancies are opening, and people are getting vaccinated. How are restaurants balancing the need to cash in with keeping everyone safe?

"It’s St. Patrick’s Day and my 49th birthday and we didn’t get to celebrate last year," Dawn Engstrom said. 

So this year, Dawn Engstrom and Deb Hamon are celebrating their Irish heritage.

They took the day off and headed to McCloskey's in Ardmore. It was closed last year because of the pandemic.

"Everyone’s been very respectful. We generally have a line out here to get in. It's been crazy this year but we’re holding our own," waitress Kim Bell said.

With restaurants and bars at 50% capacity, it was time for people to dress in green and head out to popular Irish-themed spots. Some regulars clearly stayed home, while others didn’t want to skip the fun, but opted to stay outside.

"Even though I’m fully vaccinated it’s not time to say just go for it. You still have to be very cautious careful and respectful of everyone," Shannon Freeland said.



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