Philabundance Holds Annual Haul Away Hunger Event

It's a convoy of caring- so big they needed a police escort.

75 trucks long- each one loaded with massive boxes of food. The truck train- snaking its way from North Philly to South- all the way down to the stadiums

These Toyota Tundras are loaded wih 250 thousand pounds of food, to help Philabundance our area's largest hjunger relief agency- "haul away hunger"

250,000 pounds of food equals 250,000 meals Philabundance serves 90,000 people each week, Stefanie Stefanie Arck-Baynes said.

It's so much food- they need fork-lifts to unload all these trucks- the tri-state Toyota dealers started this project 9 years ago with a couple of trucks- and it's more than tripled in size- they've gotten all the folks they do business with- like Fox 29- to gladly pitch in and help- yep- there's our name on a truck.

It's a Herculean effort but, a labor of love more you give more you get, we're a lot out of this," Paul Muller, president of the Tristate Toyotas Association, said.

The flight squad and Sixers dancers know there's a lot to cheer- flyers great bernie parent of course and all our sports teams- show their support to drive away hunger. Now, and every day.

It's about Philabundance recognizing people need help, it's not just a week before Christmas, isn't it great we can do this, they need help 52 weeks a year 265 days so we're trying to raise awareness.

There are 750,000 hungry people in our area