Philadelphia Eagles fans arrive in Minnesota for Super Bowl LII

The cavalry has arrived. Planeloads of Eagles fans have finally made their way into Minneapolis. There are fans of all Eagles players past and present and FOX 29 was at the airport to greet them.

"The season has been magical. This whole experience has been magical. Our flight was filled with Eagles fans. We even had Ray Didinger on our flight with us. We sang the Eagles fight song before we took off. So magical would be the word I would describe. I hope it carries through till Sunday night," said one fan.

"I can't believe I'm here. Just pinch me to believe that," said another fan.

"The plane soared like an eagle the entire way. It was beautiful," a third fan remarked.

FOX 29 asked another fan to describe what he was feeling, "How crazy is this finally being here? It's very crazy. The craziest thing is the pilot took a right, he was headed up north over Patriot's country and make sure no women or children are in danger and we came over to Minnesota."

"Perfect. Incredible. It's a lifelong dream and we're gonna do it," one more fan said.

"Are you from Philly? No, we're from Omaha. How did you become Eagles fans? I've been an Eagles fan my whole life since I was a little kid. How about you dear? Because my dad told me I should and I wanted to believe him," two other fans discussed their thoughts with FOX 29.