Philadelphia Mills jewelry store robbers got $100,000 in goods

Three men who took part in a smash and grab robbery inside Philadelphia Mills got away with $100,000 in goods, and they're still on the loose.

Philadelphia police say an officer got to the Zales Outlet Diamond Store at about 10:30am Wednesday and employees told him they'd just been robbed by three men wearing hooded sweat jackets who "smashed the glass display cases, removed various rings and walked out of the store."

Thursday, police said their preliminary investigation found the robbers walked into the store "with their hoods pulled tightly over their heads, exposing just their eyes."

Then, they "walked directly to the glass counter display cases and smashed the glass with what appeared to be rubber mallets."

They reached into the display cases and took 5-6 Vera Wang rings and 10-12 Celebration brand rings.

After, they walked out of the store and mall, and got into a blue and silver SUV.

No injuries were reported.

Two of the robbers were wearing dark hooded sweat jackets and black latex gloves, and the third had a red hooded sweat jacket and black latex gloves.