Philadelphia Police investigate several threats against various police districts

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) FOX 29 has learned Philadelphia Police are investigating a threat against specific police districts around the city. Sources say the threat of violence at 3 police stations was made on social media last week was reported to a police officer. FOX 29 is not revealing the police stations that were targeted but a police spokesman says the threat was "not credible".

Meanwhile, for the 6th day in a row protestors spelled out into the city demonstrating against recent police shootings. About 80 people marched from Broad St. and Cecil B. Moore Avenue to Fairmount Park with signs and chanting.

"We are here today because we being targeted" said one woman with tears streaming down her face.

Many of the marchers say they have never participated in a march or rally until tonight.

15:52:05 "I am fearing for my own life out here. Any day anybody in my family can get pulled over and killed and not get justice for it" said Anna Trippett of North Philadelphia.

The march across North Philadelphia was a calmer more peaceful march than in nights past where protestors blocked highway on ramps and lasted for hours in Center City.

"You got bad people. You got bad police officers. You good people. You got good police officers. The problem is the choices that we make" said one speaker with a bullhorn.

Earlier in the day Police Commissioner Richard Ross discussed his departments response to the protests saying officers are showing restraint and professionalism when protecting the same people who are throwing insults at officers.

Ross said "Even some of the groups who really don't have any love for us have not been violent. Peaceful is a matter of opinion when you are that close to someone's face calling them everything but the child of god"

"Black lives matter. All lives matter. Blue lives matter. Green lives matter.. this is about peace" said Nathaniel Dixon of Norristown.
Dixon says he felt the need to come out to support the community and help start a conversation.

"We're not hear blowing things up. None of us have guns. We are saying peace. Angry. I was angry up there but we want peace" said Dixon.

Several of the groups have said they will continue the nightly marches around the city and are preparing for large scale massive protests in 2 weeks during the Democratic National Convention.