Philadelphia Police prepare for Super Bowl LII

With an Eagles win on Super Bowl Sunday, fans will be over the moon. Celebrations will be one for the history books.

The city is in full swing, prepping for what could be a party of epic proportions.

For as long as anyone can remember, Mayfair's Cottman and Frankford has been a place for joy. A gathering spot when Philly's beloved sports teams win big.

"It's a good thing. Too many bad things going on. This is a good thing," said business owner Lisa Greco.

Greco will stand watch February 4 over her nearly 19-year hair salon business and to revel.

"It's enjoyable to watch everybody so happy for sure and just to protect the business just in case. Most of our fans are pretty good," Greco explained.

She'll have company.

At least 12000 fans are expected to gather in Mayfair if the Eagles should win. They'll be joined by over 300 Philadelphia police, the District Commander says, manning four check points everyone must pass through.

"We'll be there to ensure the city is protected. The people are protected and we protect the reputation of the city, as well," stated Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

Speaking on FOX 29's Good Day Philadelphia, top cop Ross urged fans to show restraint post game. He complained of the drunk and rowdy "unfair" reputation, he says, the city has picked up.

Back on Frankford, kegs are rolling in to a local bar with many more deliveries still to make.

"Kegs, cases, Coors, the whole 9. Everything you can think of," said beer distributor Rey DeJesus.

Police have told bars to serve in plastic cups and asked businesses to pull their protective grates down.

Rent-A-Center will do it with flair.

"You're going to put tv's in the windows for the fans to watch post game? For the fans and the cops," said Steve Congeloso, Rent-A-Center store manager.