Philadelphia residents struggle to dig out after nor'easter dumps up to a foot of snow

The digging out from snow across the area continues as several inches to a foot of the white stuff isn’t gonna to shovel itself. A lot of roads are still snow-covered, making travel difficult, in some areas.

"So, this street hasn’t been plowed, that’s obvious," remarked Barbara Parncutt.

On Ritchton in Parkwood Manor, Parncutt and her husband have been trying to clear the snow.

"We have elderly people on this street. My husband and I are 78 and it’s hard. He has Parkinson’s. He shouldn’t be doing any of this, but we are doing the best we can. He fell three times when he came out earlier," Parncutt lamented.

The plow trucks hit the main roads nearby, but their street was not so lucky.

"We really need to have the street plowed. They used to plow the street. These are your side streets. They’re not being plowed," Parncutt added.

The neighbors here say they’re stuck.

"They came down, they plowed us back in. I’m like, ‘Nooo, why did they do that?’ It’s so rough," resident Dorothy Eagan said.

FOX 29 reached out to the city to make sure something was going to be done about the situation, but there was no reply. A quick drive around and a few snowy roads, showed the toll.

"It’s just terrible. No way to describe it. It’s terrible," Eva Sherman complained.

Sherman’s husband’s car is trapped and, after she spent the day shoveling, she didn’t make progress.

"He has rheumatoid arthritis and he was out there and he just went back in. Terrible, terrible. Whatever the city is doing to help everybody, they’re not doing a good job," Sherman commented.



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