Philadelphians react to NFL Draft host city announcement

It may not be the super bowl. But the event is almost as big.

The NFL Draft is coming to Philly in April. What was once considered a boring business meeting of football executives -- has become one of the biggest sports weekends and parties of the year.

"It's become an event. Unlike any other of the professional sports."

If anyone knows the impact of the NFL Draft, its Dr. Jeremy Jordan of Temple University's sports industry research center.

For 2 years he studied the economic impact the NFL Draft had on Chicago who hosted the event for the past 2 years.

Expect Center City to be transformed into a weekend long fan friendly football festival all built around the draft.

"It will showcase Philadelphia. Similar to when the Pope made his visit. Philly was on the news everywhere. This will be the same thing"

The nationally televised event attracts 200,000 attendees. And with hotels, restaurants, and shopping, an 81 million dollar economic impact on the city.

"The NFL really knows how to put on the good event. And so when I was there this year there was a lot of opportunity for fans to interact with different aspects of the NFL, from the Lombardi trophy, to rings to players there signing autographs"

We broke the news to football fans at Chickie's and Pete's in the northeast.

"That would be great, I'd have to miss a day of work"

Some say if we're not hosting a Super Bowl. This might be the next best thing.

"It's a big deal. I think it's a really big deal. Get some notoriety for our fans here," Ron Ball said.

"It's a big party. I mean, we know how to party here don't we?"