Philly's first medical marijuana dispensary to open in Fishtown this month

Later this month, Philadelphia will mark the grand opening of the city's first medical marijuana dispensary.

Restore Integrative Wellness will open on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown, right near The Fillmore.

This will be the first of three dispensaries opening in the area and will sell medicinal marijuana in the approved pill, oil, topical, liquid, and vaporizable forms.

The dispensary is hosting a private event Wednesday to mark their grand opening.

Last month, Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program was expanded to include marijuana in dry leaf or flower form for vaporization. Officials say the option of dry leaf or flower form could make the drug cheaper to produce and less expensive for patients.

Nearly 1,000 doctors have registered with the state to be certified to prescribe medical marijuana, and more than half of them have been approved to participate.

Officials say the program, under which the drug became available to patients in February, has been expanding quickly. It now encompasses 30,400 registered patients and 11,900 patients with ID cards who have obtained medical marijuana at a dispensary.