PHOTO: Dead Rodent Appears on Subway Sandwich Along With Spinach

LINCOLN CITY, OR (WTXF)- An Oregon man claims to have found a dead rodent in his Subway sandwich, and got the attention of the local health department.

According to KGW, Jay Armstead was ordering a sandwich at the Lincoln City restaurant when what appeared to be a rodent ended up on his sandwich as the employee added spinach to the sub.

Look at that Beast of a mouse in the spinach at Subway today! Good thing we didn't bite into it! AMAZING! WTF!!! The manager was in shock!

Armstead told reporters that he and the employee both spotted the mouse almost simultaneously.

Subway said in a statement that both Armstead and his friend Matt Jones, who posted a photo of the eerie meal online, were offered a full refund as an investigation into the unwanted ingredient was launched.

Health officials arrived at the store a short time after the discovery of the rodent and reportedly determined that the rodent did not come from inside of the store, but was most likely in the bag of spinach.

The health department also advised customers that others who had consumed spinach from that same bag were at little risk of becoming sick as a result of the rodent's presence in the bag.

KGW reported that Jones contacted Subway's headquarters to file a complaint, and make sure the proper authorities were notified. Jones added that he and Armstead did not intend to sue. Hrh