PHOTO: The Tale Behind A Love Note Found on Euro Bill

While money can't buy love, it may just help you find it. Or not.

Denise O'Reilly, of Ireland, found a note on her a €20 bill in her purse earlier this week.

The note was from a woman named Megan, and addressed to a person by the name of Christy.

It reads," Christy, It's always been you! Come and find me. -Megan"

Found this is my Purse this morning!!! Ah Christy She 󾬐s you!!!!! Go get ur girl!!!!! Come on people and share!!!

Denise posted a photo of the note to Facebook in hopes of helping the pair get back in touch.

The post has been shared more than 15,000 times on Facebook since it was posted earlier this week.

According to Mashable, a man named Christy Leech commented on the photo saying he had been in touch with Megan and it's all good.

Today FM was apparently able to get a hold of Leech and get the full story.

He claimed that he was a musician and had previously dated a girl who he called Megan, despite it not being her real name.

While they were dating, Leech said he wrote her a song called, "It's always been you."

Leech says he called her after seeing the note, and she said she had written the note for a ticket while surprising him at one of his shows months earlier. She apparently thought the bill would make its way directly to Leech, and took it as a lack of interest when he did not respond to the note.