Plush Cow Toy Cushions 2-Year-Old Boy's 18-Foot Fall From Bedroom Window

(INSIDE EDITION) A stuffed animal has been credited with saving a Massachusetts boy's life after he fell about 18-feet out of a window.

Luis Eduardo Gomez, 2, was playing with his 12-year-old sister in their Chelsea home at about 4:20 p.m. Wednesday when his uncle, Luis Estrada, heard her call for help.

Estrada ran outside and found the boy on the concrete walkway in the alley behind their residence, on top of his plush cow.

"I think he definitely has an angel up above, or down below, that was watching him," Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes told

The Chelsea Police Department says Gomez jumped up on his bed with his window beside it. When he climbed up the window sill, he went through the screen of the window, leading to his fall.

The 2-foot-long stuffed animal was wrapped in Gomez's arms at the time of the fall on Marlboro Street, saving the child from any broken bones and sparing him from major injuries, police said.

Instead, Gomez was found awake and crying with a laceration on his chin and leg and some scratches.

Chelsea Deputy Fire Chief John Quatieri says the stuffed cow is close to the same size as Gomez.

"The way he landed on that animal absorbed the fall,"Quatieri told "[The firefighters] were shocked that he was not injured more seriously."

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Gomez was released from Massachusetts General Hospital Thursday morning after an overnight stay for observations.

Kyes tweeted early Thursday morning that Gomez "is doing fine."

Kyes, who has been chief for 10 years, told that his department has received about 12-15 calls of children falling out of windows in the past 30 years, and thankfully none resulted in a fatality.

He added that the boy has quite a friend in the cow.

"I'm sure he's gonna keep that stuffed animal for the rest of his life," Kyes said.