Poisonous sea snake found on Southern California beach

BAJA, CA (WTXF)- An El Nino weather pattern causing warmer ocean temperatures is being blamed for a venomous sea snake washing ashore on a Southern California beach on Friday.

This exotic, incredibly venomous sea snake has been spotted off Oxnard, likely due to a climate change and El Niño...

A 2-foot-long yellow-bellied sea snake was found on the sand at Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard in Ventura County but died a short time later, according to the environmental group Heal the Bay. The reptile hasn't been seen in Southern California for more than 30 years.

The black-and-yellow snake is more common in the waters near Baja California. Warmer ocean temperatures could have enticed the creature to swim north in order to find small fish and eels.

Experts say the highly venomous snake is unlikely to attack unless grabbed or attacked.

Full story from FOX News.