Police believe motorist intended to strike their bicycles

Philadelphia police are seeking a motorist who they believe deliberately struck their bicycles.

Police say a catastrophe was averted early Monday morning when police officers guarding a crime scene during a carjacking investigation at I and Erie saw a speeding black Nissan Maxima headed right for them.

"No swerving, no braking, going approximately 60 and the officers as they tried to get out of the way," Captain Sekou Kinebrew told FOX 29. "They also flashed their lights into the car to get the person's attention."

The car plowed right through the crime scene and ran over at least three bike patrol officers' bicycles, sending the bikes flying through the air. Police say the car sped off.

"We're operating as if this was intentional, given the fact the person didn't stop, and also the significant police presence that was there" Captain Kinebrew explained.

No officers were injured, but several police bikes were seriously damaged. Police and people who live in this Juniata neighborhood could not understand how this happened.

"Never safe. It's always 24 hours. You always have to have your head on a swivel and thankfully none of the officers were hurt," Captain Kinebrew added.

Investigators searched the area for the car and driver. They visited several businesses looking for surveillance video of the car speeding away.

"It would be in everybody's interest for the person to come in, tell us what happened, maybe they were slightly distracted, who knows, but they can certainly clear that up for us," Kinebrew said.

Two men were arrested in connection with the original carjacking. The driver of the car that almost hit the officers could face aggravated assault charges.