Police: Burglars targeting homeowners away on vacation in Chester County

Police say burglars targetted homes in a West Whiteland neighborhood while the homeowners were away on vacation.

“Over a 10 day period, we got three reported burglaries," West Whiteland police detective Scott Pezick told FOX 29. “The interesting thing is we don’t know if it occurred on the same day or several days."

Detective Pezick says the smash-and-grabs were likely quick.

“All burglaries were forced entry, where they just targeted higher-end jewelry, gold things like that," he explained.

Pezick is putting out a warning to residents to take precautions when it comes to protecting your home. The days of night burglaries are nearly extinct.

“A lot of burglaries nowadays are daytime. People walk around basically in plain view. You look less suspicious when you’re walking around in plain view. They’ll knock on the doors, look for cars, and if no one answers and there’s no cars there, they’ll attempt to make entry," Pezick said.

Police suggest installing a surveillance system and putting out signs as a good prevention option. 


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