Police: Chester woman arrested for straw purchase, illegal transfer of 9 guns

A Delaware County woman is facing serious charges for allegedly buying guns for a criminal.

Prosecutors say 35-year-old Vikki Towns-Perez from Chester purchased nine guns for her nephew, who couldn't purchase guns himself due to his own criminal history.

Police say she lied about who would ultimately own the guns.

She's accused of accepting hundreds of dollars from her nephew to make those purchases.

So far police have recovered five of the weapons.

Prosecutors say the guns have been used in crimes, including a homicide.

"These guns are dangerous," District Attorney Jack Whelan said in a press conference. "They should not be in the hands of convicted felons. They should not be in the hands of criminals."

Under state law, Towns-Perez faces a five-year minimum mandatory sentence if a jury convicts her of at least two charges.

Towns-Perez is the sixth individual to be arrested for straw purchases in Delaware County since 2014.

Bail is set at $10,000.