Police: Cutting driver off led to road rage shooting

Police say the road rage incident that ended with a shooting, Sunday evening, started after the 19-year-old victim had left the Philadelphia Mills Mall.

They say he was driving a silver Honda on Knights Road in Torresdale and tried to make a left onto Normandy Drive when the driver of a black Cadillac SRX cut him off.

Then, "Words were exchanged between the drivers and as the Cadillac pulled off, a single gunshot was heard."

Police say the round struck the hood of the victim's car but he was not injured. He actually "followed the Cadillac onto I-95 until the vehicle exited the highway at Academy Road."

Then he went home and met police. They found a bullet from the car.

The investigation is ongoing and nobody has been arrested, but a witness was able to get the Cadillac's license plate number.

This was the third road rage shooting since May.