Police: Group of teens sought for stealing bike, attacking woman

Philadelphia police are searching for a group of teens accused of committing several serious crimes in South Philadelphia in recent months.

Authorities say on Oct. 29 the five teens stole a bike from a victim on the 500 block of South Street.

The group allegedly returned to South Street on Nov. 2 and attacked a 30-year-old woman from behind and stole her cell phone.

"I want to be a middle school teacher, so it sucks when I see kids doing things like this," Rose Allicock said. "You have so much ahead of you, you don't need to be stealing bikes and beating up people."

This summer, several South Street business owners said they would be closing their doors earlier to quell late-night chaos. But police say these recent crimes occurred in broad daylight, which has left locals looking for answers.

"I'm pretty sure that if you brought these kids home to parents, they would be out the next day doing the same thing," Allicock said.