Police ID suspects wanted for multiple home invasion and robberies

Police are now linking 12 home invasion robberies to suspects caught on surveillance video over the past three months. The latest crime coming early Monday morning when the suspects broke into the China Wok takeout restaurant, according to police. Now the owners are fortifying the place.

"Well planned out. Obviously, there's a perception that there's money there. And obviously, these people are taking an opportunity to do this," Southwest Detectives Lt. John Walker.

Investigators say the videos show as many as four possible suspects entering the Asian owned businesses, ransacking them, then breaking into the owners residences upstairs.

More than 150 Asian business owners attended a meeting about the home invasions in Chinatown Monday. Police say there have been 8 home invasions in West or Southwest Philadelphia and another 4 in Northwest Philly. Business owner ling Lin says she was the victim of a home invasion a few years ago. She's still scared.

Lt. Walker is hoping someone will recognize the suspects in the videos and call police.