Police investigate Delaware County home burglaries

There's concern in Delaware County after a string of home burglaries. Police say break-ins are happening during the day and whoever is behind them wants two things.

The streets of the Delaware County communities of Concord and Chadds Ford are tree-lined and dotted with neatly kept homes. They are the picture of suburban life. But State police say brazen thieves are breaking into homes in southern sections of Concord and Chadds Ford Townships at midday. They're targeting communities along Routes 202/322 and Smithbridge Road.

One young man says his neighbors were hit.

"They called us when it happened. The burglars came in through the the back porch, broke a window and went in," Tom Mahoney said.

A half dozen burglaries have been reported in the last few weeks, according to police. All are forced entries--seeking the same items.

"They are taking jewelry and cash. That is what they want. That is what they are going in for and that's what they're targeting. The criminal investigators actually told me that. It's mainly jewelry and cash," " Pa. State Police Trooper Alex Figueroa said.

There are no reports that anyone has been injured, but a concerned State police spokesperson said Friday it was "essential" that information on the break-ins be released to the public.