Police Investigate Reports of Man Exposing Himself

Wilmington, Del. (WTXF) Police say they are investigating two reports of a man exposing himself. Both allegedly happened at the same apartment complex.

"I think they need to catch him put him where he belongs. He needs help obviously he's a sick individual," said resident Kevin Coyle.

That's the feeling around an apartment complex in North Wilmington.

"Two separate times what appears to be the same suspect outside of the victim's window/door and exposing himself," said New Castle County Police Department Corporal Tracey Duffey.

According to police, it happened, not once, but twice to the same victim, a young woman who lives in a first floor apartment with her father. The suspect first exposed himself on her patio two weeks ago, police say. This week, the suspect allegedly touched himself on the porch, according to investigators.

The victim screamed, her dad who was sleeping in another room came running.

"She shouted for me. I came out he was gone. I looked all around and then we called the police," her dad told FOX 29.

Police are urging residents in the area to make sure their doors are locked and if they see anyone suspicious to call 911.