Police investigate string of tire slashings in Tredyffrin Township

Police are investigating a string of tire slashings in Tredyffrin Township.

You can even hear in surveillance video the air seeping from expensive tires on cars belonging to Kelly Hudson and her family.

"We had five cars. Four in which all four tires were slashed and my car had two tires slashed," she said.

Her surveillance system also caught the image of someone walking on her driveway in the early morning hours of New Years Day when the tires were slashed. Her driveway is like many in the neighborhood with a very steep climb for a determined vandal.

Hudson says the flattened tires--some of which belong to a Jaguar and Tesla--means shelling out $2,500 for replacements.

Tredyffrin police say 132 tires were punctured on 48 cars at homes on streets like Fairhill Circle near Hollow Road and Twin Bridge Drive.

If you have any information, please call Tredyffrin police.