Video: Suspect sought after fistfight leads to gunfire in Ogontz

Philadelphia police are investigating a broad daylight shooting that happened last Tuesday in the Ogontz section of the city.

The incident happened at approximately 1:52 p.m. last Tuesday on the 5600 block of N. Broad Street. 

An unknown male suspect was operating a Chrysler 300 and parked on the southside of the block. 

He exited the vehicle and engaged another unknown male who was walking on Broad Street in a short conversation which turns into a physical altercation.

The suspect who had gotten out of the silver Chrysler 300 eventually pulled a firearm from his waistband and fired several shots at the fleeing male.

The suspect shot the rear window of the Chrysler 300 and was then observed fleeing southbound on Broad Street.

The vehicle was located unoccupied and currently in police custody.

Police describe the suspect as being a Black male, with a thin build wearing dark blue jeans, dark-colored long sleeve shirt, and armed with a 9mm handgun.

The video was released on the same day a virtual town hall addressing gun violence was already scheduled, which was sponsored by the "I Will Breathe" organization.  Chris Bowman is the co-founder. 

"I feel like we’ve gotten to a point where we are too dependent on dignitaries and the police and law enforcement and the neighborhood hasn’t pulled from within," he said.

The town hall is meant to give residents a voice and input on addressing violence and solutions. 

"I just feel so much safer not sitting on my patio just feel like I'm going to be a target because we do have gangs in our area and I believe the initiation is to shoot somebody in the head," said one woman.

A man at the virtual town hall also shared his thoughts. 

"It just breaks my heart when I see it every day and you look into these young boys faces and it's just a coldness and they think it's the only way sometimes," he said. Bowman hopes the dialogue is a pathway to change. 

"To bring back our neighborhoods and make our city a safe space for not only children but just for everybody," he said.  

If you see this suspect, do not approach. Instead, if you have any information about this crime or this suspect please contact: Northwest Detective Division: 215-686-3353/3354.

For more information on the I Will Breathe organization and upcoming events, please visit the following social media pages:

IG: @IWillBreathe__ 

Twitter:  @IWillBreathe2 

FB: I Will Breathe 



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