Police: Man critical after being abducted at gunpoint, doused in gasoline and set on fire in Olney

Police are investigating after a man was found badly burned inside a car in Olney Monday morning.

Neighbors on the 5400 block of Westford Road say their early morning quiet was shattered around 6a.m. Monday by the sound of violence.

Philadelphia police say a 34-year-old man was abducted at gunpoint by three males at Harbison and Benner.

According to police, his hands were tied and he was driven in his 2006 Pontiac to Westford Road where his attackers doused him in gasoline and set him on fire. A neighbor told our Dave Kinchen the man was able to cry out.

"His hands were tied and he was saying they kidnaped him and they were trying to kill him. And I was kind of scared," a neighbor said.

The man was rushed to by ambulance to Temple University Hospital with burns to his side and legs. One Westford Road neighbor told FOX 29's Bruce Gordon he saw the vehicle and two men as he left for work Monday morning.

Around midday, a police tow squad arrived to remove the charred Pontiac from the road as neighbors reflected on the horrible scene that shattered their sleep and their sense of safety.

This is an ongoing investigation.