Police: Marijuana plants and growing equipment found inside West Philly home

Late into the night investigators brought large evidence bags out of a home on the 4800 block of Cedar Avenue in University City. Police say they got a call about an odor on the block but eventually uncovered a marijuana growing operation in a home.

Keith Carney lives a few doors away.

"I think it's a little ridiculous that they have this much manpower for a basement full of plants. I think the police should be more concerned about other things that are taking place," said Carney.

Police say initially it smelled like a dead body. When investigators went in through the back door they found about 100 marijuana plants. They say the plants and equipment were spread out over the basement and top three floors.

"There were numerous plants from seedlings up to mature plants. No one was in the house at the time," said Lt. John Walker with Philadelphia Police.

Investigators say there was also an office in the home with information detailing each product being grown. They believe it was for sale. PECO was called out to shut down power to the home while investigators removed the stuff.

"There's no danger to the community at this point but we're concerned about the number of plants and the amount of electricity he was using inside the house which can be dangerous to the community," said Lt. Walker.

Neighbors watched the action closely on their block. Renee Wagoner says she found out what was going on from an alert on the Cedar Park neighborhood Facebook page. She isn't concerned about the marijuana at all.

"I think we are headed towards legalizing it anyway so criminalizing it at this point just seems a little antiquated," she said.

Late that night, police were still looking for the person who lives in the home. That person will is facing narcotics charges, risking a catastrophe and reckless endangerment.