Police officer helps out with marriage proposal

JOHNSTON, IA (STORYFUL/WTXF) Footage uploaded from a Johnston, Iowa, police body cam on December 1 shows a marriage proposal coming from what, at first, seems to be a routine traffic stop.

As Jeff Schulte and girlfriend Jenna made their way to Thanksgiving dinner on November 26, the couple are pulled over outside Jenna's parents house by officer Matt Chiles, who says Schulte was doing 46mph in a 35mph zone.

From their exchange, it becomes clear that Schulte was stopped by Officer Chiles in the exact same spot some months earlier.

This is where Schulte's proposal plan was born.

Enlisting the help of Johnston PD, the fake traffic stop serves as an excuse for Schulte to pop the question to his unsuspecting girlfriend, all of which was captured on the officers body cam.

This footage was uploaded to the City of Johnston YouTube channel on December 1 (10,958 views as of writing) and shared on Facebook by Johnston PD.