Police: Pa. teen drives about 8 blocks with sister on car hood

Authorities say a man drove about eight blocks with his sister on the hood of a car, but was stopped when she called her stepfather and he stopped the driver.

Easton police say 18-year-old city resident Rahmir Coley is charged with child endangerment. It's not known if he's retained an attorney.

Authorities say Coley was driving the stepfather's car when he picked up his sister around 9 p.m. Sunday. The stepfather told the girl to drive because he didn't want Coley operating his vehicle.

Coley and the girl argued and Coley refused to leave the car. The girl then sat on the hood and Coley allegedly drove off.

Authorities say the stepfather was driving nearby and saw the girl on the car. He was soon able to get Coley to stop.

No injuries were reported in the incident.