Police: Pair of Armed Robbers Target Phone Stores

Surveillance cameras were rolling when suspects took over a business in Juniata Park. An employee behind the counter and a customer inside the store couldn't stop them as they cleaned out registers and trashed the place and it's not the only video investigators are looking at. Police say the suspects pulled off another robbery that day.

Video shows a pair of armed bandits taking over the Cricket Phone store on Erie avenue, at one point putting a gun to a female customer, forcing her to the ground.

"As you can see from the video, they're not at all opposed to putting their hands on people. They were pretty forceful with those women during the robbery," said East Detectives Captain Mark Burgmann.

The gun-toting robbers quickly went to work rifling through cash registers, stealing over $2,000, but the suspects were interested in a bigger score.

"They come in each time demanding that they open the safe when they can't do that they take whatever cash they can," Captain Burgmann old FOX 29.

"My concern is being robbed. I don't want nobody robbing me. I get nervous, but I gotta pay my bill," said Cricket customer Dwight Green.

Police say the suspects had a busy day August 3rd. turns out the same suspects were caught on tape two hours earlier sticking up a Cricket store on North 29th Street.

"The one offender actually jams his gun right into the woman's face, she told me she was sore from having the gun there," Captain Burgmann explained.

Police believe this string of robberies could continue and the violence could escalate. Police say no one was seriously injured in either robbery.

If you recognize these suspects, please contact Central Detectives or East Detectives.