Police release body cam video of controversial encounter with Rowan students

Police in Gloucester County are releasing more body camera footage of a controversial incident involving two Rowan University students.

The October 1 incident has created a lot of conversation, and the new video show the verbal exchange between the students and the officers for the first time.

Authorities say the student's black Dodge Charger matched the description given for the vehicle of an armed man they had gotten reports of a few blocks from campus, and was stopped by the officers.

New video shows the heated exchange between senior Altaif Hassan and the officers as he is handcuffed behind his back and buckled into the back seat of a squad car. A female passenger was also placed in the back of a separate squad car.

During the exchange, the officer reveals why Hassan was pulled over by the officers, who had their guns drawn.

"Apparently there was a witness that said you may or may not have done something up the road," the officer explains.

"With a gun?" Hassan replies, "Did y'all find a [expletive] gun?"

The officer then asks for consent to search Hassan's vehicle, and Hassan complies. Police searched the car and only found two backpacks and no gun.

Police say they posted the pictures and videos to their website in an effort to achieve complete transparency.

Onlookers posted their own videos to social media and this story has created quite a stir on campus. A public forum was held on Friday, five days after the incident.

The department also announced they will now be meeting with university officials and student government regularly to achieve some healthy communication and dialogue regarding race relations and law enforcement.